Tenue de Nîmes & Dick Moby

Tenue de Nîmes & Dick Moby

The idea was to design a pair of shades that would be perfect for the Dutch weather or better said a pair of sunglasses you can also wear in the shade or rain with a lighter lens. The thins classic YVR shape in the colour dark blue indigo has lenses with a blue tone that fit the frame perfectly. The special edition is available in two lens types by ZEISS. A lighter lens or 'Day Shades' ideal for the often cloudy Dutch weather of for indoor wear, and a darker lens or 'Sun shades' for bright sunny skies. Both lenses are fully UV protected.

Tenue de Nîmes interviewed us about the brand and our collaboration.





The Day Shades with lighter lenses, ideal for the often grey Dutch summer or indoor wear.



The Sun Shades with darker lenses for bright summer days. 


About Tenue de Nîmes


Founders of Amsterdam based Tenue de Nîmes Menno and René have shared a strong passion for ‘pure blue’ for well over a decade. On 21 November 2008 their vision on modern and traditional denim was realized and made tangible with the opening of their first store. Founded on the basic principles of quality, function and simplicity that are rooted in the history of jeans, their stores have since then evolved into places where they sell what they like to describe as ‘The Good Things in Life’.

Both pairs of shades are available in store and on our website. 

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