Selfridges Material World

Selfridges Material World

We’re super thrilled to be selected as one of the ‘most exciting names in sustainable style’ as part of Selfridges Material World initiative. Selfridges will be selling a selection of Dick Moby’s optical frames and sunglasses in their London flagship store and webshop.



About Selfridges Material World Campaign

Selfridges kick starts 2017 by sharing a bright new look at sustainable innovation, through materiality, and the fascinating provenance of the fabrics of fashion. Their Material World campaign showcases eight forward-thinking brands committed to the cause of a sustainable fashion future, using a specific fabrics including leather, denim, linen and of course plastic. It goes without saying that Dick Moby represents the ‘sunny side of plastic’.


This is what Linda Hewson, Selfridges creative director, had to say about their Material World campaign: “We are a shop selling “stuff”, so let’s take a closer look at the very materiality that makes it. ‘Material World’ will examine sustainable textile development, with a focus on social, local and global production stories. The project will explore current problems and their impact as well as presenting solutions and ideas, with honesty and humour, in a retail environment. Through ‘Material World’ we want to invite consumers and the industry to refashion the way we think about our clothes, and how we talk about sustainability.”


Read more about the Material World campaign on Forbes and The Huffington Post.

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